Cannabis: No Thank You

As we heard last week from the Government of Ontario, there is an expectation that one of the first orders of business before the newly elected Councils will be to opt in or out of allowing retail stores to sell recreational cannabis. 

If elected to represent Kanata North, I will vote that Ottawa opt out of the retail sale of recreational cannabis.

If Council chooses to opt in, that date should be deferred as long as possible. As your Councillor, I would seek to tightly control the location of retailers in our community.  

Public Health Units and Police Services across Ontario have expressed their concern and uncertainty about the impacts of recreational cannabis on health and public safety, especially on our youth. I believe we should be listening to these professionals .

I believe strongly in the value of our business community and the free market economy, but I put what’s best for the people of Kanata North first. 

Right now the only thing we know, is how little we know. 

I don’t believe that neighbourhoods across Ottawa, close to schools and playgrounds are places to experiment with what this new reality will look like. 

I believe if this is approved it should start slowly, be tightly regulated and above all protect kids and community from the impacts our health and policing officials have told us to expect.

 Cannabis leaf